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Why stay here? / Testimonial


Who Are Escape-Cabins Best Suited For?

Escape-Cabins stands out from other hotels in several aspects. If you have some specific priorities and preferences similar to what’s listed here, we have what you are looking for!

  1. Not necessarily want a beach-front room as long as you can walk to a beach in 5 minutes.

  2. It is important for you to stay at a quiet place where you can relax.

  3. Room cleanliness and comfort cannot be compromised.

  4. Not interested in large hotels with many guests around. You rather prefer a smaller and more private place where only a handful of guests can stay.

  5. You want to stay at a place where western standards are met, i.e. your exact needs and likes are understood.

  6. A swimming pool with lots of people isn’t a pool to you. You want only a quiet pool.

  7. Sleeping on a 5-star quality bed like one at your home for a good nights sleep is essential for you to enjoy your holidays.

  8. You don’d mind a hotel that doesn’t have its own restaurant as long as there are some excellent restaurants located steps away from your door.

  9. You are family holiday makers or a group of friends looking for a villa or connecting rooms.

  10. In a nutshell, a quality stay to you is a good service, clean room, super comfy bed, quiet place, not many people around, close to excellent restaurants and reliable management, and you want all this at one place.


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