Location and Neighbourhood

Escape-Cabins is located at the northern end of Long Beach neighbourhood (also known as Phra-Ae Beach) where scenery is richer in tropical green with much quieter surroundings than many beach-front locations. Long Beach is a beautiful stretch of fine sand with shallow water in crystal blue that is best suited for swimming. The distance to the beach is about 5 minutes on foot which is just perfect for staying close to the beach but far enough at the same time to avoid the busy mass, allowing our guests to fully indulge in a tranquil nature.

We are conveniently located just steps away from some excellent restaurants including Krua Kritsana, a popular restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine, and The Tavern, a well-established western restaurant that is a superb shelter when you start to miss some familiar taste from your own kitchen. There are 3 other Thai restaurants as well as a brand new Indian restaurant all located within a minute walk. A minimart located next to us is open from early till late supplying various items for your day-to-day needs, fresh fruits, some imported products and cooking ingredients which come very handy for our guests who want to cook at their cabins’ kitchen. 

Saladan Village, the commercial area of Koh Lanta where the ferry port is located as well as banks, travel agencies, shops, restaurants and a large supermarket can be found, is 5 km away or 10 minutes on a taxi/motorbike ride.

While the location offers all these convenience and accessibility, it still magically maintains a very private and peaceful setting that one can see as an ideally secluded prime location. Stepping out to your porch and you’ll notice the only thing you can hear is the gentle sound of birds. While sunbathing at the pool terrace you will see nothing but the surrounding rain forest marked by a panoramic view of mountain.

See what’s around us: Area Map.local_map.htmllocal_map.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0